Paint Colors

I have been been noticing Pantone paint colors in many neighborhoods from Holladay to Park City. Heck, while skiing Alta I noticed some in Albion basin on a Cabin for sale. The Avenues of Salt Lake City have really been the real estate hot bed for Pantone, but now its moving toward the ski in ski out and luxury neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. Being a realtor that averages three times the median value of sold homes, I think Pantones hide in the upper end and higher priced homes for sale. Perhaps the designer homes and stagers are really putting in some overtime on the color wheel!

Considering a Remodel in 2016?

As per Remodeling magazine’s “2016 Cost vs Value Report” , here are some guidelines for what types of projects will generate the biggest return if your home goes on the market. Using a combination of computer-generated construction estimates and value opinions from 4,000 real estate professionals, the report pins a percentage of cost that owners can expect to recoup for 30 popular remodeling projects.

The project with the highest return on investment

So, where do you get the best bang for your home-update dollars? The answer isn’t anything exciting like a swanky new master bedroom suite. It’s insulation.

True, blowing new fiberglass attic insulation gets you a report-leading 116.9% return on your investment. Other projects with high returns include replacing your garage door and replacing your entry-door with a steel one.

Improvements to appearance generate a good return

Here are the top 10 projects and their returns:

  • Attic insulation (fiberglass): 116.9%
  • Manufactured stone veneer: 92.9%
  • Garage door replacement: 91.5%
  • Entry door replacement (steel): 91.1%
  • Minor kitchen remodel: 83.1%
  • Siding replacement (engineered): 78.6%
  • Siding replacement (fiber-cement): 78.1%
  • Deck addition (wood): 75.0%
  • Window replacement (vinyl): 73.3%
  • Siding replacement (vinyl): 73.2%

The report is only a guide…give Jim a call at (801) 244-6444 to chat about remodeling, relocation and/or other real estate ideas – or just to chat about the snow.

This list shouldn’t stop you from doing anything to your home. Not every home improvement decision is based on what you’ll get back when you sell. If you want to add a master suite (57.2% return) or add a second story (69.3%), go ahead. Just be aware that spending $25,000 for that walk-in shower and spa tub will not add $25,000 to your home’s value.

To Change or Not To Change – that is the question.

To Change or Not to Change? – that is the question many Salt Lakers & Park Cityites are asking themselves these days. There are a number of land and development proposals being discussed right now that would change the “flow” of things throughout the canyons of the Wasatch. And an equal number of people and organizations opposing any such change. 

As a prospective buyer and/or skier, biker, hiker, flower enthusiast, or any other outdoorsy person, considering a move to Salt Lake City/Park City  area, we wanted to introduce you to a few groups that take on different stances so you can form your own opinion.   

ONE WASATCH: The concept here is to connect the various ski resorts with a few chairlifts to create the largest contiguous ski experience in North America. So, Deer Valley, Park City, The Canyons, Brighton, Solitude, Alta and Snowbird would all essentially be connected. 

FRIENDS OF ALTA: Alta’s local land trust facilitates acquisition and conservation of undeveloped privately owned lands in Alta that exhibit watershed, open space, and wildlife habitat values. “FOA” supports the protective policies of the Town of Alta, Salt Lake City’s watershed management policies, and the U.S. Forest Service’s policies and their stewardship of the area’s public lands. 

MOUNTAIN ACCORD: is a multi-phase program that seeks to make long-term decisions regarding the future of the central Wasatch Mountains. Decision making for this program is broad reaching and will consider a range of issues and goals, centered on the interconnection of four key systems: transportation, environment, economy, and recreation. Mountain Accord is a collaboration with public and private interests including state and local governments, federal agencies, and industry and grass roots organizations. Decision making for this program will rely on input from each of these entities.

SAVE OUR CANYONS: Professionals, recreationists, environmentalists, outdoor industry representatives, cabin owners, city dwellers – Save Our Canyons values open spaces, environmental integrity, places to play, places to pray, water quality, scenic views, access to trails the many, many valued assets that this Wasatch Range provides to our impeccable quality of life!

Post by Susannah Williams